The "Conscious Stones" label for our phone bracelets

For over fifteen years, Chloé has been travelling the world in search of the most beautiful stones. "Trained as a gemologist and diamond dealer, I combined my professional experience with a heartfelt approach to meet the men and women who get up every morning to dig the earth. My experience in the field has made me aware of the [...]

Three unique, ultra-limited edition accessories

At the beginning of January, we told you about our muse Eugénie, founder of Bloom! What is Bloom? It's the first modern meditation studio in France (no less)! Eugénie and Emilie, our 2 working mums, hit it off straight away. It was only natural that Thea wanted to collaborate with [...].

The Josefina case for Thea jewellery

"I love France, but I also love the brand, the materials, the colours... It's for the woman I am, and just like Thea, you can personalise everything. What's more, Josefina benefits from the expertise of the finest Spanish craftsmen when it comes to leather goods. The leathers are chosen with care. That's all it took to [...]

A talisman representing the 7 chakras

What do you get when 3 girls who are fans of personal development get together to create something? A medal as beautiful as it is spiritual, and made from recycled metal! The result of a collaboration between Emile - Thea Jewelry, Hélène - Yuj Paris and Constance - Coco Rainbow Yoga, this precious brushed pink vermeil [...].

Make your creations shine with What Matters!

In collaboration with the IT-brand of care, hygiene and home essentials 'What Matters', Thea is offering a Made in France, organic and vegan product to pamper our most beautiful signature jewels in style and in a 100% ethical way. This jewellery cleanser is made with 99% of natural ingredients, and is [...].

The "Love Story" project, a gourmet project!

To mark 10 years and Valentine's Day, Thea has collaborated with Neuhaus to create 3 different limited edition Love Boxes, representing Emilie's 3 great love stories. "The "black" heart represents my love for David, as we're also celebrating 10 years of marriage this year [...].

Kisses, kisses, kisses, with Mathilde Cabanas

Since 2013, Mathilde Cabanas has been dropping her famous kisses everywhere: clothes, accessories, stationery, jewellery, nothing escapes her! Super cool glittery stickers featuring Mathilde's famous Mouth and our slogan "Celebrate Life" had been slipped into your parcels to brighten them up. xosotin chelseathông tin chuyển nhượngcâu lạc bộ bóng đá arsenalbóng [...]

A diamond to die for, signed Thea X Dandoy!

10 years?! That's something to celebrate, isn't it? The Belgian jewellery brand created by Emilie Duchêne has already been creating a buzz for 10 years! Emilie wanted to celebrate gourmet food, Belgian know-how and great family stories. So it was a no-brainer for her to turn to the Dandoy biscuit house, which stands for excellence and pleasure! [...]

The 3 funny ladies sign a Made in Belgium collab


When 3 Belgian designers and entrepreneurs from 3 different backgrounds meet, the result is a cool, colourful customisable apron! 3 women, 3 worlds: Virginie Degryse, foodie, home chef and health coach, based in Los Angeles and the face behind the Crave&Cook account. Macha Dormal, founder of Paolina, a brand of ultra-coloured shirts, very L.A. style [...].

Celebrate Life Even More with our yoga mat!

For Thea's 10th anniversary, the brand has teamed up (once again) with Coco Rainbow Yoga to create an ultra-cute, ultra-comfy and eco-friendly tie and dye pop yoga mat. There's no excuse not to start exercising, it's time to do yourself some good and recharge your batteries [...].