RAVAGE X THEA: Aloha ( Bye 2023, Hello 2024!)

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Découvrez la fusion envoûtante entre Thea Jewelry et Ravage Lisbon, inspirée par l'océan et les coquillages, façonnée pour les âmes aventureuses.

La collab Thea Jewelry x Ravage Lisbon Head for Portugal!

It's the story of a meeting like no other. A friendly crush between the designer from Thea JewelryEmilie Duchêne and Ravage LisbonVictory Gorioux.

On a trip to Lisbon, Emilie discovered Victoire's jewellery and instantly embraced her philosophy and style. The Ravage identity is a woman, a way of life, but above all a collection of jewellery inspired by the ocean and its shells, designed for adventurous spirits and created with authenticity and simplicity.

Jewellery that seems to come straight out of the ocean, with sandy, rocky or smooth textures and colourful stones. It is also a brand that strives for transparency and respect for the environment through its working methods. With values like these, and a look that evokes the beaches of the Iberian Peninsula, this collaboration is an obvious choice!

The association of two women in love with Portugal, of two moods made to get along. The 3 bracelets born of this creative complicity are due to arrive in December.

Each version of the bracelet Aloha marries a predominantly white, like the foam of the waves off the coast of Nazare. Combined with 3 bright colours.

The pearls green and blue are recycled sequinschosen by Victoire from suppliers of embroidery materials for the Haute Couture houses. It's also one of the signatures of the own to the brand that plays a part in this choice of identity.

Le reminiscent of the forest along the coast of Portugalwhile thehe blue symbolises the azure reflected on the surface of the sea. In addition, there is a solar yellowmade from pearls heishi vinyl from vulcanite from Ghana.

For Emiliethe golden word that embodies this collaboration is a must: Aloha. The ambivalence of its meaning (lliterally: hello/bye) is not a trivial decision.

Hello, a word that implies a desire to reach out to others, a desire to create links by a simple hi. A friendly hello, to which Emilie wanted to restore its credentials. It tells of a true state of mind that advocates compassion and generosity. Which speaks to the need for humanity and sharing on a daily basis. This desire to put communication back at the heart of our lives ...and to start by saying it with a piece of jewellery!

Goodbye is a tribute to the year that is drawing to a close. Let's get ready for the new chapter with 2024! Alohais the story of a transition towards the future fulfilment of your plans and dreams. What better way to symbolise this transition to renewal than with a piece of jewellery? 

La collab Thea Jewelry x Ravage Lisbon.

Now out of print, but we had to tell you about it!