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Soulful Journey, the new yoga-inspired collection

"Soulful Journey"This name evokes an inner and spiritual journey, represented by the jewellery in the collection, which accompanies each stage of this exploration.

What if words became our everyday allies? At Thea Jewelry, we're celebrating our yogi community with our muse Elodie Garamond.

Who is Elodie? She's the creator of the " Le Tigre "A passionate author published by Flammarion, she has been sharing her passion for yoga with fervour for 10 years. She devotes herself to passing on the art of living that is yoga to communities of all ages. 犀利士
Le Tigre studios, at festivals, during retreats, but also for NGOs and associations.
Following the many closures linked to the Covid pandemic, including her studios, Elodie decided to get involved and now chairs the Union des Professionnels du Yoga.
Today, the energy, roots and intentions of Le Tigre live on through Le Tigre. A complete digital offering that has become the benchmark platform for on-demand yoga classes and other disciplines, as well as a TV channel and the podcast "Les conversations du Tigre", which Elodie hosts with passion every week.

At Thea, we've been following Elodie for a long time and admire her resilience, boldness and development. Values that are dear to the brand. That's why we naturally dreamed of having Elodie as our muse for this project and to embody our visuals.

So we have created 6 powerful jewels for you. There are 2 rings (available in 4 sizes) 'shanti' and
"om" and 4 braceletsmounted on stones to give even more meaning to the "samadhi" jewel,
"dharma", "namaste" and "satnam".

Elodie explains the meaning of each :
OM is the best-known and most sacred of mantras. "Om" or "Aum" is usually used as a mantra.
shared by all participants to open up the space and create a serene, caring bubble.
The three letters that make up 'Aum' represent the different aspects of Time: past, present and future. "Aum" represents the totality of what exists, what was and what will be. It resonates within us as the release of an inner vibration to begin the connection with oneself and the universe, the first step towards unity.
Om is a 925 silver ring, available in 4 sizes, at a price of 120€

SHANTI in Sanskrit means a deep level of peace and inner calm. It comes from the root "sham", which means calm, soothing and happy. Often repeated three times, it represents peace for the individual, the community and the universe, as well as peace in the body, speech and mind. Chanting this mantra helps us to return to joy, lightness and light. It invites serenity and peace, towards oneself, towards others and towards the entire universe. It calms anxiety, soothes ailments and frees the soul.
Shanti is a 925 silver ring, available in 4 sizes, at a price of 150€.

SAT NAM is everything that's going on inside each of us, beyond the masks, the false
It's the real identity. With this mantra, we connect with who we really are. We discover the limits we've set ourselves and learn to go beyond them, those limits that prevent us from being fully fulfilled and happy, and that distance us from our true self.  Sat nam is mounted on rock crystal to be fully oneself (truth - honesty), one size, at the price of 240€.

NAMASTE is used daily in India to say hello and goodbye, but also to say thank you and express a profound form of respect. A mudra of the universal message, it recognises the pure light we all carry within us and the universal love that connects us to each other, heart to heart, soul to soul, devoid of ego and overflowing with wisdom.
Namasté is mounted on rose quartz which celebrates light and the heart chakra, one size, at the price of 240€.

DHARMA is translated by yogis as the inner goal, awareness of the natural order, the law of things, the cosmic order writing the map of the duty to be fulfilled, the mission, the vocation. As the sum total of the just, harmonious and benevolent actions of each human being, creating cohesion between all beings on the planet. Each individual must fulfil his or her own deep vocation in order to nourish and contribute to the cosmic order and to be part of universal harmony. This term symbolises the realisation of each person's true nature without their own reality and individuality, for a more united and harmonious community.
Dharma is mounted on citrine which celebrates life's mission (to refocus - to beone size, for the price of 240€.

SAMADHI It is the psychological state of equilibrium, the contemplative state of fusion, the feeling of unity, the return to original silence, the goal of yoga. It is the last of the eight pillars of the practice, as traditionally taught. Our sufferings, frustrations, anger and grief invade us and create mental chaos. All these evils distance us from our freedom, our happiness and, above all, from who we really are. By finding the courage to dive deep inside ourselves, we begin a path of liberation for the soul. Everything becomes lighter, more pleasant and less chaotic. Samadhi is the return to that inner calm, that soothing silence.
Samadhi is mounted on amethysts to celebrate union, completion and ecstasy. and bliss, size, at the price of 240€.

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