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At Thea, we celebrate the moments that symbolize your story and turn them into unique, ethical jewelry to wear every day of your life.

"Inscribing a word on a piece of Thea jewelry means taking the time to symbolize your story and keep it close to you every day."

With love, Emilie

Imagine being able to create your jewel from A to Z to celebrate a moment in your history.

You are the creator, and we are the experts who advise you. 

We'll find the right balance between creativity and feasibility to bring high-quality jewelry to life.

Our close links with our workshop enable us to shape your jewel step by step, so that it looks like no other.


Cindy P.
Verified Customer - 9 months
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These jewels have been hanging on me ever since they were given to me. I love what you do so much. And my daughter is named after your brand because of you! So that means even more 🧡
Verified Customer - 8 months
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Thank you, Thea, for stopping time to make this a magnificent ring. 18h01, an hour that changed my life & my husband's life to make it even more wonderful than it was!
Verified Customer - 1 years
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So graphic with all the "1's" from my little boy's birth date... thank you for making a ring that is both personal and so couture ❤️
Verified Customer - 2 months
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Alix is the sweet name of our beloved daughter, whom we no longer expected, but who arrived when we least expected it, as if descended from a cloud. Alix is our gift of life. <3
Verified Customer - 5 months
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Hello, I received my ring and I am more than delighted! A simple piece of jewelry that means so much to me! A jewel that goes with everything! Thanks for the great job!
Verified Customer - 7 months
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Colette is my inspiration, my strength, my confidante... Colette is my grandmother, who raised me and gives me a daily boost!
Verified Customer - 9 months
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12:12 is my favorite hour, the hour when everything changed in my life... Thank you Team Thea
Verified Customer - 2 months
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A little message to thank you, your creations are magnificent! My soul mate will always be with me <3