A talisman representing the 7 chakras

What do you get when 3 chicks who love personal development get together to create something? A medal as beautiful as it is spiritual, and made from recycled metal! The result of the collaboration between Emile - Thea Jewelry, Hélène - Yuj Paris and Constance - Coco Rainbow Yoga is a precious brushed pink vermeil medal that [...].

What do you care about? Women Support Women!

"I've never been a victim of violence, but it's a subject that particularly touches me and that I want to do something about. It's at times like these that we realize how important it is to be caring, attentive and attentive to others. To champion the cause and help the victims, [...]

Putting your visibility at the service of humanitarian projects

Emilie, the founder of Thea Jewelry, is very involved with various associations: she is a volunteer with Make a Wish and an ambassador for Memisa. Emilie regularly makes donations and donates her profits to a number of solidarity projects that touch her and whose values she shares. So it's only logical that she should support the wonderful initiative [...].