Personalities who adopted Thea

Thea is all about unique, made-to-measure creations! That's why so many celebrities have called on us to create jewelry that represents moments in their lives. Among them are: Rihanna and her Majesty necklace, named after her niece; Sarah Jessica Parker and her Sisters bracelet, representing her 2 twin daughters; [...]

Our playlist 100% Good Vibes by Nathalie Duchene

Thea has teamed up with Belgian DJ Nathalie Duchene to bring you a 100% Good Vibes playlist! Nathalie Duchene (and no, she's not related to our Emilie) is the DJ with a thousand facets: actress, journalist and producer. Nathalie excels in every field. Nathalie can be found on the Parisian electronic music scene. Her style is [...]