The backstage of your creations

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Découvrez les coulisses captivantes des créations Thea, où chaque bijou est méticuleusement façonné pour capturer l'essence même de votre histoire. De la conception initiale à la réalisation finale, suivez-nous dans un voyage fascinant à travers notre atelier. Explorez nos processus de création, de l'impression 3D à la fonte, de la bijouterie au sertissage expert des gemmes, jusqu'au polissage méticuleux.

Plongez dans les coulisses captivantes des créations Thea. Nous vous invitons à découvrir les secrets bien gardés et le processus de création qui donnent vie à un bijou. Des esquisses initiales aux touches finales, suivez-nous dans un voyage fascinant à travers les backstage de notre atelier, où chaque pièce est méticuleusement façonnée pour capturer l’essence même de votre histoire.

Your project

It all begins when you feel that deep desire, that spark of inspiration that drives you to bring a story to life through personalized jewelry. This is the moment when you decide to share that story, to transform it into a creation that will last over time.

Create your own jewel

Your collaboration with Thea Jewelry begins with the creation of your jewelry piece on our website. This crucial step allows you to express your unique vision and jewelry desires. You can select materials, choose gemstones and define design details that reflect your personal style. Thanks to our 3D jewelry design service, you can easily create whatever you want!

Making your own jewelry

Once the design is finalized, our craftsmen begin the manufacturing process:

  1. 3D printing: At Thea, we use 3D printing technology to create precise models of your jewelry before manufacturing. These models are then used to shape the molds needed to cast your jewelry.
  2. Casting your jewel: In our workshop, the raw materials are heated to high temperatures and then poured into specially designed molds, giving life to the base of your jewel.
  3. Jewelry-making: Once cooled, jewelry takes shape in the expert hands of our craftsmen. They use a combination of traditional techniques and modern methods to shape and manipulate the metal with precision.
  4. The setting: With exceptional mastery, our craftsmen place each gem with precision, adding a touch of brilliance to your Thea jewel.
  5. Engraving: We use a high-precision laser to inscribe our imprint, as well as the necessary hallmarks for gold jewelry.
  6. Polishing: Finally, our polishers add the finishing touch to every piece of Thea jewelry. They smooth and polish every surface, revealing the natural brilliance of metal and gemstones.

Cherish your creation

And finally, once your creation is in your hands, it's time to cherish it. Your Thea personalized jewel is not just an object, but a representation of your story, your emotions and your memories. Take it, wear it with pride and always remember the precious moments it symbolizes.

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