"Soulful Journey" by Thea Jewelry x Elodie Garamond.

The name evokes an inner, spiritual journey, represented by the jewels in the collection, which accompany each stage of this exploration.

At Thea, we've been following Elodie for a long time and admire her resilience, audacity and development. Values that are dear to the brand. That's why we naturally dreamed of having Elodie as our muse and the embodiment of this project.

We have created 6 powerful jewels for you. There are 2 "shanti" and "om" rings and 4 stone-mounted bracelets to give even more meaning to the mantra written on them (samadhi, dharma, namaste and satnam).
Elodie explains the meaning of the words in each product.

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Samadhi - amethysts

Satnam - rock crystals

Dharma - citrines

Namaste - rose quartz