RAVAGE X THEA: Aloha ( Bye 2023, Hello 2024!)

Ravage Lisbon, personalised jewellery, customised jewellery

Thea Jewelry x Ravage Lisbon collab... Heading for Portugal! This is the story of a meeting of the minds. A friendly love affair between the designer of Thea Jewelry, Emilie Duchêne, and the designer of Ravage Lisbon, Victoire Gorioux. While travelling in Lisbon, Emilie discovered Victoire's jewellery and instantly fell in love with her philosophy and style. The Ravage identity is all at once a woman, a way of life, but above all a collection of [...].

Mother's Day: Out of inspiration? Our selection of last minute gifts

mother's day, home made jewels, personalised jewellery, customisable jewellery, made-to-measure jewellery

Mother's Day is coming up and you can't find a gift idea? Don't panic! The THEA team has prepared a list of gift suggestions that will surely please your mother. The must have for absolute shine Thea offers the Let It Sparkle product made in France, organic and vegan to pamper your most beautiful [...]