Soulful Journey, the new yoga-inspired collection

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"Soulful Journey": this name evokes an inner, spiritual journey, represented by the jewellery in the collection, which accompanies each stage of this exploration. What if words became our everyday allies? At Thea Jewelry, we're celebrating our yogi community with our muse Elodie Garamond. Who's Elodie? She's the creator of the [...]

Women of March: the bold, the feel good, ...

They're cool, they're beautiful, they're inspiring and we wanted to celebrate them, because between them, they represent us! 5 women in this month of March dedicated to women means #TheaJewelry! (Women come from March, don't we know it?) We women! In all our [...]

Our January muse, Eugénie from Welovebloom

A mother, lawyer and journalist, Eugénie is also an entrepreneur and the founder of the super project welovebloom, the first modern meditation studio in France. Her background and personality have long inspired us... So if, like us, you're a fan of meditation and letting go, you're going to love her! Originally from Paris, she moved to Canada to live and study [...].