Signature jewellery for everyone!

signature jewellery, personalised jewellery, customisable jewellery

Isn't it amazing how much difference jewellery can make? A simple piece of jewellery can add so much style and personality to an outfit. Whether you're looking for something special for yourself or for a loved one, you've come to the right place! [...]

How well do you know the ruby?

ruby, personalised jewellery, customisable jewellery, made-to-measure jewellery

The origin of rubies The ruby is a stone known for its distinctive colour. It is a symbolic stone with fantastic powers that has adorned the crowns and jewels of the greatest people since the time of kings. Today, it remains the most expensive precious stone after diamonds. Its characteristics Ruby is the most [...]

Trade in the old and shine with the new!

gold cover, personalised jewellery, customised jewellery, made-to-measure jewellery

At Thea Jewelry, we believe in the enduring beauty and timeless value of every piece. That's why we're excited to announce our Gold Trade-In Program in exchange for a Thea Jewelry coupon, an initiative designed to give new life to your precious jewellery. Do you have gold jewellery that you don't want to [...]

REMIX: our new alliances. Fusion, passion... accumulation!

wedding rings, personalised jewellery, customisable jewellery, made-to-measure jewellery

After 12 crazy years of made-to-measure jewellery, Thea Jewelry has come up with a new collection of ethical timeless pieces to add to the pleasures on your fingers. We've enjoyed shaking things up by pioneering the creation of our signature rings that tell your stories. We love the idea of continuing to satisfy your desires, with this range [...].

Soulful Journey, the new yoga-inspired collection

soulful journey, personalised jewellery, customisable jewellery, made-to-measure jewellery

"Soulful Journey": this name evokes an inner, spiritual journey, represented by the jewellery in the collection, which accompanies each stage of this exploration. What if words became our everyday allies? At Thea Jewelry, we're celebrating our yogi community with our muse Elodie Garamond. Who's Elodie? She's the creator of the [...]

Learn more about metals with Thea!

metals, personalised jewellery, customisable jewellery, made-to-measure jewellery

There are two types of metal: "precious" metals and more "everyday" metals. Precious metals include gold, silver and platinum. Common metals include brass, bronze, steel and titanium. It is important to know how to distinguish between metals and their properties when choosing a [...]

Some ideas for wedding gifts

wedding gifts, personalised jewellery, customisable jewellery, made-to-measure jewellery

The warmer weather is here and so is the wedding season! Are you looking for inspiration for your wedding gift? Thea has put together a few suggestions in this article. For Her Jewellery is a must-have gift to mark one of the most beautiful moments in your life, such as the [...].

Tips for knowing your ring size

ring size, personalised jewellery, customisable jewellery, made-to-measure jewellery

Don't know your ring size and don't have a ring gauge to measure it with? In this article, Thea gives you some tips on how to measure it. First and foremost, there are a few things to bear in mind when buying a ring. First of all, it's important to know that your [...]

Discover your birthstone and its meaning!

birthstone, personalised jewellery, customisable jewellery, made-to-measure jewellery

Since the dawn of time, people have been intrigued by stones, their power and their symbolism. At Thea, we believe it's important for each piece of jewellery to have meaning, whether through its inscription, the person giving it or the stone(s) chosen to make it up. In our [...]

Manucurist & Thea Jewelry redefine love!

valentine's day jewellery, personalised jewellery, customised jewellery

What if 14 February was also an opportunity to celebrate love for ourselves and for those we admire? In 2022, Manucurist has chosen to break the mould a little by honouring hearts, it's true, but also the audacity of each individual. A collaboration, and therefore a collection [...]