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Aloha (Bye 2023, Hello 2024)

Each variation of the Aloha bracelet is predominantly white, like the foamy waves off Nazare. Combined with 3 variations in bright colors. 

The green and blue pearls are recycled sequins, chosen by Victoire from suppliers of embroidery materials for Haute Couture houses. It's one of the brand's own signatures, and it's reflected in this choice of identity. 

Visit green is reminiscent of the forest along Portugal's coastline, while the blue symbolizes the azure reflected on the surface of the sea. To this is added a yellow made from African vulcanite vinyl heishi beads from Ghana. 

Aloha is the story of a transition towards the future fulfillment of your projects and dreams. What better way to symbolize this transition than with a piece of jewelry?

Bracelet in yellow vermeil (925 silver with 18-carat gold plating), 17 cm with eyelet at 19.5 cm.

Thea collab Jewelry x Ravage Lisbon, more

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