Celebrate every day the words that symbolize your history

Jewels made to last.

At Thea Jewelry, we want every one of your creations to be with you every day, for a long time to come.

We are committed to crafting your creations with quality materials and semi-precious stones that last over time.

Because we are committed to the long term, we want to respect the sustainability of both your jewelry and our resources.

For this reason, we use recycled materials for our packaging and favor green shipping methods.

Our manifesto

There are the names of our children that we think about every day. And those of people we'll miss forever.

There's the date that marks the beginning of a story, the one that always makes us smile, there's the name of the town that brings back our fondest memories and that of a first meeting.

At Thea Jewelry, we believe that words have power.
To give strength, to comfort, to encourage and, above all, to convey emotion.

So we created the first brand of unique, ethical, made-to-measure signature jewelry. Jewelry that we keep close to us, like everyday allies.

Thea Jewelry,

The power of Words

"If I created Thea Jewelry, it was above all to celebrate words. I'm thinking of first names, of course - including that of my daughter Thea, who gave birth to the brand - but also of times, best replica tag heuer cities or even mantras that we wish to anchor within ourselves, like a tattoo. I quickly realized that these words have a power: they comfort, encourage and, above all, give strength. Inscribing a word on a piece of Thea jewelry means taking the time to symbolize your story and keep it close to you every day.

One thing's for sure: a piece of Thea jewelry is far from anecdotal. It resonates with us thanks to the meaning it contains, its signature both unique and personal. Recently, I've been very proud to say that our creations are also ethical. Starting out as an idea, our Reborn ecological initiative quickly became an obvious choice: this new direction is a big step forward. YES to the values of transparency, traceability and humanity that I've been upholding for all these years.

Thea's future? 
I see it as beautiful and challenging as the last 10 years. With a healthy dose of emotion, optimism, commitment and, above all, with the love and stories of our community that thrill us a little more every day."

Emilie Duchêne,

founder of Thea Jewelry

Our commitments

At Thea Jewelry, we are actively committed to recycling, with packaging designed to be recycled and recyclable. In addition, we are proud to hold three prestigious labels: