Discover our production secrets and stages

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You're probably wondering what goes on behind the scenes in the making of your creations, and why our lead times are so long. In our desire to be 100% transparent with our customers, we've decided to reveal every step in the journey of your jewel, from order to delivery. The manufacturing process [...]

Tips for caring for your jewelry

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Has your jewelry lost its shine or turned black? Here are a few tips to help you restore their shine! But first of all, it's essential to pay attention to how you use your jewelry so that it lasts over time. That's why we've put together a short list [...].

New: mirror hour rings

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Have you ever heard of mirror hours? Mirror times are schedules with symmetrical numbers. For example, 14:14, 07:07 or 22:22 are mirror hours. This phenomenon is closely linked to numerology and astrology, as well as to the idea of synchronicity, i.e. a coincidence that takes place at the same time.

Visiting Paris? Here are our best addresses

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The city of love, of fashion, of French architecture... a city as sentimental as it is sublime, and one that we adore! During our trips to Paris, we've had the opportunity to discover some great places: cafés, restaurants, hotels... So here's a small selection of cool, trendy addresses for you to check out [...].

Let's get ready for new adventures in 2022!

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In 2020, we wanted to snuggle up, feel good, reassure ourselves... In 2021, we took you on a journey with our 12 destinations for a stylish getaway. In 2022, we said it was time to let go and enjoy! Our resolution at Thea? Joy, fun and lots of [...].

They're talking about us in the press...

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Who said caps were a bad look?

It's well known that women wear many hats. Between the job of mom, businesswoman, wife, fashionista, friend... The duo Marie Courroy and Emilie Duchene wanted to create a cap in the image of THE Woman: "all modern women are warriors, juggling a thousand lives in one, and putting on several days in a few hours. The [...]