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A name, a mantra, a number around your finger and that's it: you'll never leave it again. Our Thea ring? The house staple, to be worn without moderation. #theajewelry
Yolene 12 years ago, I gave birth to my son!
Anita Hello, I've received my ring and I'm more than delighted! A simple piece of jewelry that means so much to me! ...
Virginie Hello, I wanted to thank you for the work you do. I received a beautiful personalized ring under the Christmas tree this year... it's just gorgeous! ...

Double Ring

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Because a duo is sometimes necessary to symbolize your story, our iconic ring doubles up and increases your space for expression tenfold. So that your story resonates even more strongly. #theajewelry
Pepito The ring is beautiful, and obviously meaningful with the name of my little boy born this summer, rolex replica watch I spent the morning contemplating it, feeling I'd been given a very, very special gift that I'll treasure for the rest of my life.
Pepito The ring is magnificent, and full of meaning, of course, with the name of my little boy born this summer. I spent the morning contemplating it...
Audrey A for Audrey (my first name), G for Gillen (my partner's first name), and the little L in the middle for Luka, our bonding son. I'd seen photos on your site with the "&" symbol between the 2 letters of the spouses. The L replaces this symbol...


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Beautiful and resistant, our mesh chain bracelet is one of Thea's must-haves. Match it with your watch and, above all, with your favorite Thea ring. #theajewelry
Laura Just sublime! Delighted, thank you. My children forever with me.
Cindy These jewels have been hanging on me ever since they were given to me. I love what you do so much. And my daughter is named after you, thanks to you! I came across this post on IG and had a flash. So that means even more, I'm so happy!
Charlotte Thank you sincerely, your jewelry is very beautiful and full of history, full of soul, I love it.

Macramé bracelet

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For a sporty yet chic look, our bracelet is also available in macramé. Your story goes everywhere with you, and highlights your taste for color! #theajewelry
Céline Sublime..... Thank you for your wonders! I'm in love... A thousand thanks!
Véronique Passe-partout, perfect for my teenager! I gave it to her for her birthday, with the name of her beloved grandfather who left us after a bout with cancer. She loves it and it means a lot to her.
Violette Colorful and meaningful! This bracelet means so much to me. Thanks for the follow-up.

Double strap

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What if you had a whole wrist to tell your story? The magic happens with our double chain bracelet, which gives you the freedom to tell your story. movements words. #theajewelry
Nat Hello and best wishes! I just discovered you (yesterday) and saw your latest post and I find this story and your work so beautiful! I can't wait to be able to buy and give away one of your jewels! Truly magnificent work Sweet day
X Can't wait to get mine!!!
Emilie My Christmas present has finally arrived It's so beautiful! All my girlfriends want one now! Thank you Thea Jewelry


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We sleep with it, we live with it, and we almost forget about it. Our necklace is part of us, and accompanies you every day to tell a story unlike any other: yours. #theajewelry
Caro Good evening, I received my necklace this morning. It's... wow! Thank you so much for putting my loves' names on my skin. My 3 girls It was my first, but it won't be my last order! Happy holidays to the whole team and thanks again.
AL Hello, I received my necklace on Friday. A birthday gift of priceless sentimental value. The jewelry is just wow.
Virginie Great, I'll order directly!

Children's bracelet

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Because adults aren't the only ones with stories. With our children's bracelet, put their dreams into words and make them a reality. #theajewelry
Catherine A marvel! If you only knew how important this piece of jewelry is to my daughter! Thank you for your wonders!
Pascale My daughter has been wearing her Angel bracelet since she was born. She'll keep it for years and we'll probably have it enlarged so she can wear it as an adult. This word means a lot to my husband and I. I was diagnosed with cancer during my pregnancy. I battled my cancer while pregnant with my daughter, and she was born in perfect health, like an angel fallen from heaven!

Children's necklace

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Worn around the neck so it never falls off, our necklace will follow your child's life and, above all, all his adventures. We bet there will be lots of them. #theajewelry
Barbara What you do is so beautiful!
Francine, Chloé's grandmother A simple collar with the inscription "Marty", my little girl's dog, her best friend!
Valérie Some may think that a necklace of this value should not be worn by a child. I can assure you that my little Lisa is very careful! It's a creation her daddy gave her for her communion.

Gift Card

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Give the gift of jewelry? Why not? But symbolizing a story is even better. With our gift card, give a signature piece of jewelry that will be remembered forever. #theajewelry
Will No ideas or afraid of making a mistake? The Thea team advised me to get a Gift Card.
Vio Super handy when you want to make a nice gift, but aren't sure about the design.
Hugo I'd thought of a Thea creation for my mom, but unfortunately I got around to it too late and was hesitating between a ring or a necklace. The Gift Card is a great solution!