RAVAGE X THEA: Aloha ( Bye 2023, Hello 2024!)

Ravage Lisbon, personalized jewelry, custom jewelry, custom jewelry

Thea Jewelry x Ravage Lisbon collab... Heading for Portugal! It's the story of a meeting like no other. A friendly love affair between Thea Jewelry designer Emilie Duchêne and Ravage Lisbon designer Victoire Gorioux. While traveling in Lisbon, Emilie discovered Victoire's jewelry and instantly embraced her philosophy and style. The Ravage identity is at once a woman, a way of life, but above all a collection of [...].

LIBRE, the story of a meeting between Stone & Thea

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Marie is attached to the cultural and artistic heritage from the Middle Ages to the 21st century. She draws her inspiration freely to create timeless jewels that offer every woman the opportunity to express her style, emancipate herself and free herself from convention. Emilie is attached to the power of words, their ability to inspire confidence and [...].


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The year 2022 is already drawing to a close! It's been a year filled with jewelry creations, new discoveries, new stories that you've heard through our podcast Stories and Stones, and above all, filled with crazy collabs! So why don't we take a look back at the highlights of the [...]

Mother's Day: Out of inspiration? Our last-minute gifts

mother's day gift, personalized jewelry, custom jewelry, custom jewelry

Mother's Day is just around the corner and you can't come up with a gift idea? Don't panic! The THEA team has put together a list of gift suggestions that are sure to please your mom. 1. The must-have for absolute shine Thea offers Let [...]

Two committed brands working together - that's what you get!

committed brand, jewelry collaboration, custom jewelry, customizable jewelry, custom jewelry

Would you like to do a good deed by buying a cool product? KISANY and Thea have teamed up to offer you 2 must-haves for your summer 2022! KISANY is a Belgian brand of hand-embroidered household linen that combines quality materials, constantly renewed design and craftsmanship [...].

Want to get away from it all? We've got the collab for you!

belgian collaboration, personalized jewelry, custom jewelry, custom jewelry

Thea has teamed up with the magnificent Anja Paris brand to bring you 2 exclusive products that will see you through the summer! Our first product is a cap, a summer staple that can be worn for a stroll or a day at the seaside. Its acidic colors will give a touch of pep to your [...]

Thea Jewelry x Maison Roussot = Coucou Beauté!

Maison Roussot is a super brand of tableware and customizable decorative objects, all designed in Nantes and made in France. The idea behind this collab? To showcase French know-how with unique, customizable products, but also... to celebrate our shared DNA, the basics of which can be summed up in a few words: "made-to-measure, unique and ethical signature". So we [...]

Manucurist & Thea Jewelry redefine love!

valentine's day jewel, personalized jewel, custom jewel, custom jewelry

What if February 14th was also an opportunity to celebrate love for ourselves and for those we admire? In 2022, Manucurist has chosen to break with codes a little, by celebrating hearts, it's true, but also the audacity of each individual. A collaboration, and therefore a collection [...].

For Valentine's Day, we're launching a super cool collab' !

Nail stickers are available in THEA's jewel script, for an instant upgrade to manicures that are a little too well-behaved! Awesome right? In practice: a collab right in line with Thea's DNA, which advocates the power of words and personalization, with stickers featuring the letters of Thea jewels to stick on [...].

The "Conscious Stones" label for our phone bracelets

For over fifteen years, Chloé has traveled the world in search of the most beautiful stones. "Trained as a gemologist and diamond dealer, I have combined my professional experience with a heartfelt approach to meet the men and women who get up every morning to dig the earth. My experience in the field has made me aware of the [...]